Services for employers, entrepreneurs and investors

We provide innovative immigration solutions for your company or organization when hiring global talent or starting, acquiring or expanding a new business in the U.S. We listen to you: we want to learn as much as possible about your company’s industry, operations and the challenges you face. We use technology to leverage our partnership with you. With broad based employment immigration skills and expertise, coupled with a positive track record, we want to serve as your strategic partner and trusted counsel for your business immigration matters, whether for a one-time project or your ongoing needs.

Over the years, we have represented clients in these industries, among others:

Computer technologies, life sciences/biotechnology, graphic design, fashion design, environmental policy and stewardship, geographic information systems, higher education, physical sciences, arts and entertainment, recreation, business and management consulting, real estate, electronic game design and game board distribution, psychology, and more.

See Attorney Bonnie Stern Wasser's participation in the 2015 Business Immigration Law Roundtable hosted by Corporate Live Wire.



We help you hire the best and brightest global talent for your business by developing short and/or long-term business immigration strategies for your individual hire(s). We evaluate candidates’ visa and green card eligibility, taking into account their family and travel needs, promotions, project timelines, quotas, and long-term service in your company among other factors. We prepare and file temporary business visas and employment based green card applications (lawful permanent residence), including PERM (labor certification/labor market testing), and consular processing services where needed. We examine all immigration and citizenship alternatives, including family immigration and special programs, to determine the best work authorization strategy for your foreign national candidates.


We help foreign investors, start-ups, and multinational companies establish operations in the U.S. We work with foreign investors seeking temporary or permanent visa solutions, whether working solo or with multiple foreign and/or domestic investors/owners. We especially love working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Although U.S. immigration law is not the most user-friendly for start-ups, we help and encourage our clients to advocate for immigration reforms that would make immigration easier for new companies and small business, such as the StartUp Visa Act and other proposed bills. Because of an antiquated business immigration scheme, investors and entrepreneurs need someone with special expertise to help make existing investor or work visa categories fit modern day methods of doing business. We provide immigration planning services, preparation and filing of temporary and permanent business immigration visa applications for solos, partnerships, collaborations, multinational companies, multi-status or multinational individual business owners. Working with business and tax counsel, we look for the optimum operational solutions that best balance your tax, business, and immigration needs for short and long-term investors, employees, executives, and their families.  When the August 29, 2016 proposed rule for International Entrepreneur Parole goes into effect, we will provide this service as well.


We counsel and defend employers about immigration-related workplace compliance. Increasingly, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Labor are cracking down on employers to prevent them from knowingly hiring unauthorized workers. Although all employers have been required to document the work permission status on Form I-9 of all employees hired since November 6, 1986, Congress will eventually mandate use of E-Verify (the government’s online database that supplements Form I-9 requirements). Presently, E-Verify is only mandatory for sanctioned I-9 violators, certain federal contractors, employers operating in some states and localities with mandatory E-Verify laws, and employers using the STEM Optional Practical Training extension program for foreign students. (See our employer resource page.) Accordingly, we help U.S. employers in the following ways:

  • Counseling about Form I-9 obligations, mandatory v. voluntary use of E-Verify, IMAGE and other government work verification processes.
  • Internal I-9, PERM (permanent residence labor certification recruitment), and H-1B/H-2, E-3 audits to help employers avoid penalties and sanctions. We help train your staff and develop I-9 compliance systems, and prepare for potential work site visits by the government.
  • I-9, PERM, H-1B/H-2, E-3 audit defense for small businesses and visa petitioners.
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting to business counsel and companies regarding immigration due diligence, need for amended or new visa applications, and/or qualification for successor-in-interest status to preserve visa status. (Please be sure to call us before or during the due diligence process, not after!)
  • Development of in-house immigration sponsorship policies for employees.
  • Counseling regarding layoffs and terminations as they impact immigration status, related company liabilities, and visa obligations.