Resources on Unaccompanied Children’s Issues

What to do about the surge of unaccompanied children (UAC) along the southern border of the US has become a political hot potato in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Below is a link to our FAQs about the real facts on the ground, about the causes behind this mass migration, the current and proposed legal rights of children, and how people can help with this crisis if so inclined. If you are a reader who is interested in forming a more educated opinion about the issue based on something other than the “invasion” sound bites and photos, and the site of angry American faces you see on TV, or the political rhetoric you hear on talk shows; if you want some better information than the blame-President-Obama-for-everything mentality in the news, read on. Links to a list of sources and resources are also below.

Resources on UAC

US Department of Homeland Security

Executive Office of Immigration Review

TRAC Statistics: