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S. 744 Día 1: Aspectos destacados del debate migratorio y Enmiendas

Below are highlights from today’s opening Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on S. 744, la “Seguridad de frontera, Oportunidad económica, y la Ley de Modernización de Inmigración.” En general, el Comité considera 32 enmiendas al Título I relativos a la seguridad fronteriza. El Comité aprobó 21 enmiendas, de los cuales 20 fueron adoptados por un voto bipartidista. The debate and voting can be viewed on C-Span. El Comité se reunirá nuevamente a 10 o’clock next Tuesday.

Después de la primera que se aprueba por 14-4 la Sponsorsamended version of the entire bill, the Committee voted on a package of amendments:

Leahy 1 (prohibits border crossing fees at land ports of entry)
Grassley 2 (provides that DHS must submit several border related and other reports to various Senate and House committees)
Grassley 5 (Requires yearly audits of the Trust Fund)
Cornyn 6 (Includes theHuman Trafficking Reporting Act of 2013”)
Sessions 36 (Expands DHS Ombudsman to provide assistance to those who have been victims of crimes committed by aliens or border violence)
Escama 1 (Includes private land representatives on the Department of Homeland Security Border Oversight Task Force)
Escama 2 (Requires the GAO to prepare an annual assessment of the status and progress of the Southern Border Security Strategy)
Feinstein 6 (Requires DHS to establish standards to ensure humane conditions for children in the CBP custody)
Feinstein 7 (Requires allocations to law enforcement agencies for Operation Stonegarden be allocated through a competitive grant process.
Feinstein 8 (Requires CBPto acquire and deploy watercraft to provide support for border-related maritime anti-crime activities”)
Hirono 24 (Creates a new Ombudsman office in DHS)

The balance of the amendments that were adopted, not adopted and withdrawn are as follows:


1. Feinstein # 9 The amendment would expand state and local costs related to immigration-related criminal prosecution that could be reimbursed by the Federal Government.
2. Blumenthal #10. The amendment would allow DOJ to deny reimbursements to state and local governments for immigration-related prosecution/detention costs if the underlying apprehension was from unlawful conduct by a law enforcement officer.
3. Feinstein #10. The amendment would establish a grant toimprove the transportation infrastructure at existing and new international border crossings.
4. Hirono (HI-D)# 23. The amendment would ensure that the humanitarian needs of children of those who are being repatriated/referred to prosecution are being considered, as well as the physical safety of the individual who is apprehendedas soon as practicable.
5. Feinstein #1. The amendment would extend SCAAP funding (reimbursement to localities for immigration enforcement actions and prosecutions).
6. Leahy (Vt-D) #4. The amendment would provide DHS flexibility in how the funding in the bill is used to implement the border security strategies.
7. Feinstein # 2. The amendment will provide for additional permanent district court judgeships in the southwest border states. Sen. Grassley offered a 2nd degree amendment to provide whistleblower protection to judicial branch employees. Sen. Feinstein agreed to modification.

Not Adopted

1. Sessions #37. The amendment would strike out the provisions requiring DHS to issue policies governing the use of force by DHS personnel.
2. Cruz #1. The amendment will amend the border security sections of the bill to triple border patrol agents, quadruple technology and infrastructure, complete the fence, complete biometric entry-exit system, 100% operational control, and tougher legalization triggers.
3. Sessions # 9. The amendment would establish as a trigger the completion of 700 miles of double-layer fencing as passed by the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
4. Cornyn #1. The amendment would modify all the border security provisions in the bill, including tougher triggers for adjustment of status for RPIs to LPR status.
5. Sessions #11. The amendment modifies border security strategy and the border triggers, changes the border security goal to 100% operational control.

1. Coons #2. The amendment would require DHS to certify that it won’t remove someone through a southern border point in a dangerous location unless justified by compelling government interest. Sen. Coons agrees to work with Sen. Escama.
2. Sessions #38 3. Feinstein #11. Offers up a substitute to her amendment. Held.
4. Cornyn #2. The amendment would authorize DHS to hire 5,000 new full-time CBP officers and 350 support staff to staff ports of entry. It also allows for private-public partnerships to help with funding.

A list of the specific amendments and their votes, voice votes, and withdrawals can be found aquí. También, Chairman Leahy (Vt-D) put out a press release about the first day, emphasizing transparency of the proceedings. Senator Grassley (Iowa-R), the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, stated that stated because sufficient border resources or metrics were not approved,”it’s legalization first, enforcement later.