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We will be glad to speak with you without charge for a few minutes on the phone, or you can email us to determine if your matter is something we can or would like to handle. During this brief exchange, feel free to ask about our qualifications, services, and availability. In most cases, however, we will need you to set up an appointment for a paid consultation and evaluation of your case that usually lasts at least an hour.  For out of area prospective clients, we conduct phone or video conferencing consultations via the Internet. Once you book your appointment, we will send you one or more questionnaires to complete and further instructions prior to your appointment. More complex matters may take longer or require follow up (e.g., national interest waivers, cases needing waivers of inadmissibility, involving criminal or deportation history problems, or asylum, etc.).  Ask about our less expensive 30 minute consultations where we can answer general questions about immigration law or process.  These consultations do not involve eligibility analysis or strategy decisions about your specific facts, as that will require a full evaluation consultation usually lasting at least an hour.

Attention employers: We will provide an initial one-hour free consultation with you directly concerning your hiring plans, long and short-term visa needs, and initial evaluation of candidates.  Please note that for most employer sponsored visas and green cards, we need your active participation, and in some categories, the employer must pay all or some of the legal fees and costs (e.g., government filing fees, advertising).

The benefits of a full consultation are:

  • We get to know each other better.  We want you to feel comfortable hiring us to help you with your legal matter, since we often on a long journey together as nothing is quick in immigration law. For new or prospective immigrants to the U.S., we may be your first encounter with the American legal system. We want you to feel confident hiring this firm, and, likewise, we want to enjoy working with you to help you reach your goals.
  • We listen to you and your concerns.  We want to learn more about you and your business or personal opportunities in the U.S., your priorities, and any cultural, religious, travel, timing, family, and/or work related concerns so that we can custom tailor a solution for your legal matter given those priorities.
  • You are encouraged to bring a list of questions.
  • Once we have all the facts in your case, we can create a custom strategy tailored for your facts and priorities. We will be honest with you if there is nothing we can do or the chance for success is limited.
  • We will explain the procedures involved so you can understand them and have peace of mind about how we will help you.  We will discuss estimated timing, costs, method of payment, potential problems or issues, and the evidence you will need to collect for us based upon the information learned during the consultation.
  • Some matters require a very detailed analysis and possibly some research. For matters that will involve multiple employees, employees with dependents, multiple family members, criminal issues, asylum, need for waivers, a history of immigration problems, or potential extraordinary/exceptional ability/outstanding worker visas, J-1 or national interest waivers, investor and multinational manager visas,  please plan to spend more than an hour with us, or expect that we may need to spend more time following up with you after the initial meeting.
  • Most “crimmigration” (immigration consequences of crimes) issues require additional time and follow up research.  Be sure to bring certified copies of your criminal court records to your appointment in order to make your consultation more productive, as we cannot provide adequate advice without your court records. See How to Get Documents.

Are you ready to Get Started? If so, please call (206) 282-2279 to book your consultation appointment now, complete the form to the right, or email with some dates and times that will work for you.