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Fees and Costs

We know that you want predictable fees and costs so that you can budget for your case.   Therefore, we charge most types of standard services on a flat fee basis by stage of the case. For matters that are not predictable as to likelihood of success or expected amount of time needed, we may charge hourly or use other alternative billing arrangements.  For employers who have an ongoing fairly predictable need for counsel, we also offer monthly retainer options, as well as bulk service options.

We discuss estimated fees, costs, and terms of payment at your initial consultation, and the terms are spelled out in the written legal services agreement and cost/rate sheet.  We also provide dual representation advisories where appropriate to the case involving representation of multiple parties.  We accept checks, cash, Visa and Mastercard, and mobile/text bank payments from banks that participate in ClearXChange, as well as wire transfers.

With 30 years of experience, we know that every potential client is different and their situation must be analyzed based upon the specific facts, client priorities, government procedures and categories to be used, plus anticipated issues or ancillary applications that may be required. We also consider your ability to pay and the complexity of the case, or extraordinary results among other factors in setting our fees. What may have worked for your friend, relative, or colleague, may not be the best solution for you. In addition, we need to consider the government’s periodic shifts in adjudication trends. An example would be the types of immigration or citizenship categories or fact patterns that are likely to trigger “Requests for Evidence,” investigations, or other scenarios that could involve more work. We pride ourselves on giving you the individual, customized attention and service that you deserve.

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Would you rather handle your case yourself (DIY) completely or with some limited legal advice/guidance? We offer limited representation or “unbundled services” in some matters, but we do require that you set up a paid consultation first.  During the consultation we can assess how hard or easy your case is/will be, what exactly you are most comfortable doing and/or are able to do yourself, whether you qualify for a given benefit and seem to understand what is required, and we will together determine what you will do and what we will do on your behalf. The fees will be set according to your needs at that time. If you end up deciding that we will not be your attorney of record before any agency or court, we will have you sign an acknowledgment to that effect.  Therefore, you will be responsible for properly mailing your completed documents with correct fees yourself; you will be solely responsible for attending all required interviews or hearings, and you will be responsible for keeping the government or courts advised of your whereabouts and status, as we will no longer be involved in your case.  The agencies and courts involved in immigration will not talk to us if we are not your attorney of record.  Before you decide to go the DIY route, please see this article: Top Ten Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

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