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How to Hire the Law Office of
Bonnie Stern Wasser to Represent You

To formally hire or engage the Seattle immigration Law Office of Bonnie Stern Wasser to represent you, and to establish an attorney-client relationship, you will need to sign a written legal services agreement and pay a first stage flat fee, deposit or retainer toward total or estimated fees. The written agreement sets forth what we will do, what you will do, when, what is covered and not covered by the agreement and fee structure, and what events can come up that may cause fees or costs to increase, if or when those events occur.

Your matter is important to us. We will work hard for you. You will receive ongoing communications about the status of your case; we will answer all of your questions; and we will seek your approval for new or additional services if needed, and of course, your approval is required for any strategic decisions that need to be made. Unlike other firms where you see your attorney once at the beginning, or maybe not until your agency interview or court hearing, at this firm, your attorney will be available and will have in-depth knowledge about your case throughout your matter.

Once you decide to hire this firm, besides the written fee agreement, you will receive a checklist of documents we will need to prepare your case along with instructions about how to obtain certain documents or information. You may also receive a dual representation memo if we are representing more than one person (e.g., husband and wife, employer and employee), and some other advisories. You will also be sent credentials to log into our web portal where you will be able to email or message us and upload/download documents.  You will also be sent instructions for tracking your case with us and with any agencies or courts we may be dealing with.  We provide monthly or periodic billing statements, and periodic updates and requests for your input on case or firm matters.

Open communication is the key to our relationship. We encourage you to talk to us about any questions or concerns you may have during our journey together. We do expect you to actively participate in your own case.