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Are you ready to Get Started on your journey toward hiring top global talent, or to obtain your own or a family member’s legal status or citizenship in the USA?  If so, please call (206) 282-2279 to book your consultation appointment now. Or, complete the form to the right, or email with some dates and times that will work for you.

What are the BENEFITS of an initial consultation?

  • To determine what kind of case you have;
  • To determine whether we can help you;
  • We get to know each other so that we both feel comfortable working together, as this will be a partnership as we work together to resolve your legal issues;
  • We learn about your priorities and unique needs;
  • We custom tailor a solution for you. If nothing can be done for you, we will be honest about that with you and we will encourage you to check back later when your facts or the law may have changed;
  • We answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Be sure to bring a list of all your questions!
  • Once we know more about your case facts, priorities and have strategized a solution for you, we explain our fee and cost estimates, payment options, office policies, and the best way to work together on your journey to achieving your goals.
  • (Some situations or issues may require follow up research.)

Once we narrow down a solution for your situation, the attorney will explain to you how it will all work, how long it will take, what will be needed from you or other people, any anticipated problems and how to get started.

WHO should book a consultation appointment? People who:

  • Are serious about and ready to solve their immigration or citizenship goals.
  • Believe it’s best to work with an experienced professional who works in this field every day.
  • Are looking for exceptional service, expertise, creative solutions, advocacy, reassurance and as little stress as possible.
  • Want to understand what can be done for them, how and when, so they are not left in the dark not knowing what their attorney is doing for them.
  • Are interested in working with this firm and would like to get to know us better.

HOW will the consultation work?

Once you book your appointment, you will receive an intake questionnaire to complete and bring with you or you can send it ahead of your appointment date. You will also receive instructions about how to pre-pay your consultation fee. We also send you a checklist of what to bring and our consultation policies. The consultation is an informational meeting not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. Although we will keep your information confidential, to establish an attorney-client relationship, you will need to sign a contract for specific legal services and pay a deposit toward total estimated fees. Of course, if you think you may be ready the day of the consultation to hire us, let us know in advance, and we will tell you what else to bring so that we can complete the sign up process and collect what we need to get started on your case that very day. If you do sign a contract and pay a deposit that same day, we will credit your account with the consultation fee paid.

You will spend at least an hour to an hour and a half with the attorney to evaluate your situation. You will learn how the process will work and your questions will be answered. More complex matters may take longer or require follow up (e.g., national interest waivers, creme de la creme reputation cases, cases needing waivers of inadmissibility, cases involving criminal or deportation history problems, U and T visas, or asylum, etc.).

If you prefer a cheaper half hour consultation, please mention that when you call. Those appointments cover general questions about procedures, timing or other issues but are not full evaluations of your situation nor a complete plan or strategy based on your facts.


We will need more information about your company, the proposed job duties and other specific company information. We have other questionnaires for employers, investors and entrepreneurs. We will provide an initial half-hour free consultation with you directly concerning your hiring plans, long and short-term visa needs, and initial evaluation of candidates.  We like to learn more about your company, industry, your overall plans for future hires (numbers, position types, nonimmigrant and permanent residence sponsorship policies, etc.) and your other immigration related service needs, such as workplace compliance matters. Please note that for most employer sponsored visas and green cards, we need your active participation, and in some categories, the employer must pay all or some of the legal fees and costs (e.g., government filing fees, advertising). We also offer retainer options (to reserve x number of attorney hours a month to be on call to answer questions during recruitment or analyze selection of prospective candidates or other questions).

Still NOT SURE whether a consultation is for you?

We will be glad to speak with you without charge for a few minutes on the phone, or you can email us to determine if your matter is something we can or would like to handle. We will try to refer you to the right person if it’s something we don’t handle. Of course, it’s helpful to get a short idea about what your case is about or what you need, and then we can direct you to the proper resources. During this brief exchange, feel free to ask about our qualifications, services, and availability. However, in most cases, we will need you to set up an appointment for a pre-paid one+ hour consultation and evaluation of your case.  For out of area prospective clients, we conduct phone or video conferencing consultations via the Internet.

How to establish an attorney-client relationship is explained here.

WHO is NOT ready for a consultation?

  • Shoppers looking for the lowest product price. We want to work with people who value investing in their future goals in order to work, be with family, develop their career aspirations, build a business, or pursue other activities, or who are looking for safety and security, or want to legalize their status for the above reasons.
  • People who are not ready to work on their case. We need you to be an active partner in your own matter. This is your future and your goals that we are talking about.
  • Do-it-yourselfers who plan to prepare and file their own cases.  However, we do offer limited or unbundled services in some situations provided you make a paid full consultation appointment. You will need to sign an a limited services agreement, and we will discuss the specific service you need at the consultation.  For liability reasons, we do not offer just forms review and then you go on your way.
  • People interested in investing or working in the USA but do not yet have job offers or a business or career in mind. Although we are happy to meet with you anyway to answer your questions, these types of meetings are more worth your time and money when you have more solid opportunities to discuss. (An example would be someone interested in buying or investing in a business would be more ready for a consultation with one or more businesses identified, a business plan prepared, and funds available to invest.)

Do you have MORE QUESTIONS about how we work?

See the FAQs here.