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School's out just in time for the Obama Administration to announce today in an interesting political move that it will grant deferred action status for would-be DREAM Act students. (See Spanish version of the announcement.) I say "would-be" DREAM Act students because Congress never did pass the DREAM Act. Various versions of the DREAM Act would have provided a path to legal status and citizenship for many young people whose parents brought them to the US illegally at a young age (or they[Leer más ...]

Estoy bebiendo un temprano por la mañana Starbucks negrita cerveza italiana en este precioso Seattle Cuatro de Julio y reflexionar sobre lo que significa ser un U.S. ciudadano. Hoy, a través del país, U.S. Ciudadanía y Servicios de Inmigración será la celebración de las ceremonias de naturalización en grupos grandes en los estadios, salas de conciertos y otros lugares grandes para coincidir con día de la independencia de nuestro país. Las ceremonias solemnes serán, por un lado, y lleno de pompa y circunstancia, por otra, como los que tomaron el juramento de … [Leer más ...]

En algunos puestos anteriores, Hablé de cómo funciona el sistema de cuotas de inmigración permanente, or doesn't work because of its impact on illegal immigration. En mi post reciente, Why Don't They Just Come Legally? - Mitos Parte II, He mencionado que dos de las causas de la inmigración ilegal se deben a que no existieran líneas de visas legales para entrar en en primer lugar porque no existen categorías para determinadas categorías de empleo y de la familia. Y, en los casos donde hay categorías aplicables, the lines can[Leer más ...]

The Senate's failure to enact the DREAM Act was a blow to the young people who would have qualified and to their many supporters. The DREAM Act would have put young people living in the U.S. without status who came to the U.S. at an early age with their parents on a long 13-year path to legal status and citizenship if they commit to going to college or join the military. Other DREAM Act supporters included their families, employers looking for more college graduates and leaders, the military[Leer más ...]

The Senate voted Saturday not to move on the DREAM Act, H.R. 5281 por 55-41, just five votes shy of what was needed to move the bill. Senator Reid from Nevada had previously filed a cloture motion. Since the Senate failed to achieve the 60 votes needed, the bill will not proceed further. The new Congress is likely to enact enforcement-only legislation, but immigration rights groups, educators, business and other groups, emboldened by new organizing efforts, and who support immigration reform[Leer más ...]

The anti-immigrant rhetoric about the DREAM Act lately is disingenuous, to say the least, and completely false in other cases. Unlike experienced immigration lawyers, most legislators just don't have the day-to-day experience of implementing or using the laws they create, so they may not fully appreciate the real impact the laws they enact have on real people, families, empleadores, and the community at large. I show below how some of the anti-DREAM Act arguments being made by certain[Leer más ...]

En diciembre 9, 2010, the Senate voted to withdraw its version of the DREAM Act, S. 3992, and to take up the House version, H.R. 6497, that was passed on December 8. The Senate still needs to plow through other tough legislation before it will vote on DREAM, but it is anticipated DREAM will be voted on next week. Mientras tanto, supporters should continue to fax or email the Senate in the next few days because at least 60 votes are needed to pass DREAM. The House version has the two[Leer más ...]

Today the House of Representatives bravely passed the DREAM Act by 216 a 198. It has taken a decade to get to this point. The bill, known as Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010, was attached to H.R. 5281 and was originally filed as H.R. 6497. This bill differs from the Senate bill S. 3992, which will be voted upon tomorrow morning. The Senate needs 60 favorable votes to pass. Keep making those calls to the Senate: 1-866-966-5161 o por correo electrónico. Key differences in the two[Leer más ...]

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the DREAM Act later this morning. This is the first significant piece of legislation to actually help immigrants in over a decade. On Monday, over in the Senate, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) filed a cloture motion to end debate to avoid a filibuster on S. 3992. Another attempt to get 60 votes is anticipated for this afternoon. Supporters should call or email Congress this morning: Representatives: 1-866-967-6018 Senators: 1-866-966-5161 Email … [Leer más ...]

A good mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially the mind of a motivated young person. Y, I'm not talking about wasting a brain to drugs or crime. En lugar, I'm talking about wasting the minds of tens of thousands of young people in the U.S. every year who have grown up here and are anxious to contribute to America, but who cannot go to college, get jobs, drive cars, or join the military simply because they lack papers to be here lawfully through no fault of their own. Most came when they[Leer más ...]